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‘We can’t do it alone’: Ukrainians react to lack of additional funding in US spending bill

The United States may have avoided a government shutdown on Saturday – but the lack of additional funding for Ukraine in the spending bill has left some residents in the war-torn nation nervous.
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Biden Forges Deeper Ties With Vietnam as China’s Ambition Mounts

Visiting Hanoi, the president cemented a new strategic partnership that puts the memories of the past behind them and focuses on mutual concerns over Beijing’s assertiveness in the region.

Charlotte Sena rescued from camper cabinet, kidnapping suspect busted after leaving ransom note

New York State Police announced that a suspect has been taken into custody over the incident on Monday night. Sena is currently safe and healthy, and was taken to a hospital for evaluation.
Samir Jeraj/Getty

G20 stops short of condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in joint declaration

Leaders gathered here for the annual Group of 20 summit managed to agree on a joint statement laying out shared views on climate change and economic development but showed the fractures within the group by stopping short of explicitly condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Samir Jeraj/Getty

Her gun violence plan is probably unconstitutional. This governor is doing it anyway

New Mexico’s Democratic governor has hatched an unorthodox plan to cut down on gun violence for the next month, but even gun control advocates say it is unconstitutional.
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